My primary healing tool is hypnotherapy, which I have been practicing since 1993. I use deep relaxation and creative visualization to help my clients release anxiety, guilt, pain, sadness, addiction, anger, unwanted habits, and negative programming. These are the emotions and behavior that cause disease and the events you don’t need in your life. When unwanted things like that happen in life, you may be causing them by your negative thought patterns. Illness and accidents are soul’s indicators that behavior and thoughts must be changed in order to experience a much more positive life and lifestyle. I am a proponent of the Teachings of Abraham, Law of Attraction and The Art of Allowing, using hypnotherapy as a tool to accomplish these positive transformations in my client’s psyche and subconscious mind much quicker.


In person and by distance

Sessions are 90 minutes

$111 per session

Special Deal

$299 for 3 sessions