Hypnotherapy or Life Coach Counseling:

A special pricing of 3 (ninety minute) weekly sessions paid in full at the end of the first visit is $299, and highly recommended if learning hypnosis for the first time. Each single (ninety minute) session in this category is $111. You can also decide to purchase this package of 3 visits later on, at any time. This category includes Past Life Regression, Spirit Guide Contact, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Metaphysical Counseling, Life Coaching, Talk Therapy and Life Between Lives. This can take place in person at your home or in my healing space in Laguna Niguel. An extra charge will be needed to rent a room at The Awakenings Healing Center space in Laguna Hills. That price will be determined depending on what they are charging for a room at the time of our appointment. I have been facilitating hypnotherapy since 1993, when I was first certified at Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa.

Reconnective Healing:

I, Reverend Kathleen Shannon, have been offering Reconnective Healing since 2012. I was trained and certified by Dr. Eric Pearl in 2013. Each one hour session in person is $111, and it is suggested to have up to 3 weekly sessions for any one type of need. In person sessions can take place in your home or hospital room. It can also take place in my healing space at my office. You lay down comfortably on a massage table, on your back, fully clothed. You are not touched nor do you have to say anything or pray. You are interacting with the healing frequencies that you can feel. Up to 3 sessions are recommended for any one situation, as the healing continues to unfold over time. Most practitioners with my level of experience, skill and training charge $150 for this service. $111 is a very good price for this work.

Distance Healing:

Distance Healing by me, Reverend Kathleen Shannon, can be facilitated with you over a telephone, cell phone, tablet, iPad or computer with a video screen, and using the modalities of  Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression Therapy, Life Between Lives, Spirit Contact Therapy, Clinical Hypnosis, Talk Therapy, Life Coaching, Metaphysical Counseling, and Guided Meditation. This type of distance work has been proven to be just as effective as in-office sessions. Credit cards and debit cards are accepted over the phone for payment. PayPal payment is also accepted. A 90 minute session such as described above is $111.

Distance Healing by me also includes Reconnective Healing, at the same rate as in-office, for $111. Reconnective Healing by distance is facilitated in non-local reality, and can be received by you anywhere in the world. It is just as effective as receiving Reconnective Healing in person. This type of Distance Healing takes place at the same time as you lay down in your bed, at the hour that you choose, up to midnight. I will call you first and we will talk a little about your life and your issues. Then I will hang up and perform the healing in my healing space as you lay down and relax, for just as long and in the same way as if you are before me. I use a life size patient puppet I created in order to make the correct movements with my body and hands around your spirit form as it lays on the massage table. After the Reconnective Healing session is complete, I will call you back to note your experience, or you prefer to go to sleep afterwards, will call you back the next day.

This type of Reconnective distance healing can also be gifted to a friend or family member. You will choose the time and give me feedback later after the session. The person receiving Reconnective Healing does not need to know about it or give their permission to have it done. Credit cards and debit cards are accepted over the phone, as is payment through PayPal or Zelle. The entire process takes about an hour altogether. Most practitioners with my level of experience, skill and training charge $150 for this service. I charge $111, which is an excellent price for this work.

The Personal Reconnection:

I, Reverend Kathleen Shannon, facilitate The Personal Reconnection for you over a period of 2 or more days, and it is always offered at a set price of $333, by any certified practitioner personally trained by Dr. Eric Pearl. This is a once in a Lifetime experience. There must be at least one night of sleep in between the 2 one hour sessions. The Personal Reconnection continues to unfold throughout your life. The Personal Reconnection can only be facilitated in person. You do not have to have a Reconnective Healing before you receive The Reconnection, but it is recommended. To be sure someone is a certified practitioner, go to www.thereconnection.com, and go to the Practitioner’s Directory. There you can type in Laguna Niguel under city and Kathleen or Kathleen Shannon under name to find me. It should work without putting in the country. Another way to find my profile is you can follow this link: https://www.thereconnection.com/directory-listing/2988/profile


I, Reverend Kathleen Shannon, am an experienced wedding officiant. I offer this service for $350, including the co-creation of a custom script approved by you, and performed in a two hour time window guaranteed on the day of the event. A rehearsal the day before, suggested for any large wedding party is a separate $100. Transport for the bride and groom in the White Wedding Mobile, an immaculate 2007 PT Cruiser, driven by myself, is $100. Finding and securing a wedding venue is $100.

ML830 Cold Laser:

I am a Certified Practitioner of the ML830 Cold Laser. A beginner package pricing of 3 twenty minute daily sessions is $50. Each follow up, single session, of cold laser treatment of twenty minutes is $20, or you may purchase another $50 package of 3 sessions. Chronic injuries may take longer to heal than acute pain and injury. I have used this on myself for many soft tissue injuries, pain and skin care for over 5 years. I am always amazed at how fast it heals and takes away pain. The most difficult thing about this treatment is to remember to take it out and use it.

Past Life Parties:

These prices are for 3 hours with myself, Master Hypnotherapist Reverend Kathleen Shannon, in a past-life party workshop. Pricing is on a sliding scale depending on attendance. Having a Past Life Party is more affordable than a private, one on one regression session because you are sharing the costs. The more people you have, the more affordable it is!

  2 people . . . . . . . . . . $75 each

  3-4 people . . . . . . . . $65 each

  5-8 people . . . . . . . . $60 each 

  9-12 people . . . . . . . $50each

  13-20 people . . . . . .$45 each

   21-30 people . . . . . $40 each

All past-life parties require a $50 transferable deposit unless being held at my Soul Spa, where no deposit is required. Please note that only 4 people at a time can be accommodated there unless the participants are sitting upright. Parties at my Soul Spa where participants sit upright can accommodate up to 7 people. Parties at another venue must add the cost of the venue, if any, and be rescheduled within 7 days of the event to be able to transfer the deposit, unless the deposit was made at the last minute. If a venue has specific deposit requirements, we will honor those first. If the deposit was made before the week of the event, it may be fully transferable. Deposits can be made by credit card over the phone at (949) 422 4092, or via Zelle to the same phone number or via PayPal to paypal.me/kathishannon. Final payment can be made by credit card or cash or other type at the party. Always contact me before making your deposit. Checks and Venmo are not accepted.

Tipping is never discouraged. Positive reviews on Yelp and Google are helpful. Referrals are very appreciated. If you email me kind words, they may be posted on this website.

“Thank you very much and many beautiful blessings!” Reverend Kathleen Shannon.

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All credit cards and debit cards are accepted. Cash is accepted. Paypal is accepted. Electronic check is accepted.