Reverend Kathleen Shannon’s primary healing tool is Hypnotherapy, which she has been practicing and teaching since 1993. She facilitates sessions of Clinical Hypnotherapy, Spiritual Hypnotherapy, Past life Regression Therapy, Spirit Contact Therapy and Life Between Lives Therapy. She uses deep relaxation and creative visualization to help clients release negative subconscious programming which usually results in anxiety, guilt, pain (physical and emotional), sadness, anger, addiction, unwanted habits, and more. These are the emotions and behavior that cause disease and the events you don’t need in your life. When unwanted things happen in life, you may be causing them by your negative thought patterns. Illness and accidents are soul’s indicator of imbalance and that behavior and thoughts must be changed in order to experience a much more positive life of serenity, peace and well being. The Reverend is a proponent of the Teachings of Abraham, Law of Attraction and The Art of Allowing, using hypnotherapy as a tool to accomplish these positive transformations in a client’s psyche and subconscious mind much quicker.

You may schedule a hypnosis appointment with Reverend Kathleen Shannon here: https://www.kathleensministry.com/appointments/


Reverend Kathleen Shannon and her sister, Dr. Jill Shannahan. Dr. Jill is a practicing psychiatrist in Santa Cruz, California.

A recent 2019 interview with Nabil in London from www.HealingClouds.com. To make a free 10 minute consultation or to book a session up to 2 hours in length with me personally, please follow this link: http://bit.ly/rev-kathleen-shannon
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Kathleen’s Ministry hypnotherapy and counseling services offer private sessions in Orange County, California. These sessions are holistic in nature, treating body, mind and spirit as equal parts of a whole integral system of health optimized through balance, understanding and visualization. We offer drug free clinical hypnosis and also cold laser therapy to help eliminate pain and promote healing. Clinical Hypnosis is also used for programming in new desired behavior; this is especially effective for reprogramming how one continues to react to past traumatic events, creating a phobia.

The goal is to help you live successfully in the world today by creating high energy, focus and abundance in your life. You are your beliefs, so they need to be examined and understood so you can dissolve any blocks to your naturally abundant, unlimited energy. Hypnosis is an easy and effective way to program a stronger ability to focus and remember studies at school, increase memory in general and to improve athletic prowess in sports. All hypnosis is self hypnosis, so you are learning a skill that will help you for the rest of your life.

Also offered here are sessions in Spiritual Hypnosis for exploring past lives, life between lives, and your future. These can be for exploration or healing. We specialize in helping you meet and work with your spirit guides to understand life challenges and to release any guilt, anger, fear, sadness and remorse.  Everything you are today is because of something you thought about before and manifested. Learning how to harness and use these powerful tools inherent to you can help you to create the life of your dreams.

The most popular use of clinical hypnosis is for quitting smoking and losing weight, and any other behavior modification desired. Hypnotherapy has been approved by the US government as a medical prescription to help soldiers who suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, PTSD. 
Clinical hypnosis is for patients seeking a complement to their medical procedures and relief from unusual health challenges. They are sometimes referred by their doctor to a hypnotherapist. Many patients have chronic pain and diseases that they find they cannot fully resolve through pharmaceutical drugs and surgeries, and they are forced to try alternative solutions. Any hypnosis healing session can be accomplished over the phone. The most common medical doctor referrals are for quitting smoking, losing weight and pain control.

Reverend Kathleen Shannon, CHt., is very skilled in finding the root cause of a health challenge when working with the patient. She also believes in teaching the patient self-hypnosis so they can manage their pain or healing on their own at home. She specializes in hypnosis programming for controlling chronic pain, and also uses hypnosis for pain control when a patient can’t use anesthesia.

Rev. Kathleen specializes in pre-surgery hypnosis for optimum success during the procedures, promoting confidence and a calm mental state. She can also help you speed up the healing process with post-surgery hypnosis programming. There are also many medical procedures that can cause anxiety or nausea, and hypnosis is very effective in resolving these issues. Please have your doctor contact Rev. Kathleen to discuss your special needs, or you may contact her directly at kathleen444@gmail.com or call (949) 422-4092.

Call for a prescription sheet sent to you that you can give to your doctor for a referral to hypnotherapist Kathleen Shannon. She will gladly meet with your doctor to introduce herself, either in person or over the telephone.

All sessions are conducted by The Reverend Kathleen Shannon, Master Hypnotherapist, Master of Life Metaphysical Counselor, and an alternative wellness provider.

Remote Healing with Hypnotherapy

Kathleen’s Ministry offers webcam services which brings hypnotherapist Reverend Kathleen Shannon to you, anywhere in the world. We can see each other just like an in-person session. Reverend Kathleen Shannon can monitor your eye rems and breathing. All it takes is a computer with a webcam and a Chrome or Firefox browser. Please call or text (949) 422-4092 or Email: kathleen444@gmail.com for detailed instructions on how to start your session, or make your appointment directly on this website. Reverend Kathleen is also a practitioner featured on www.HealingClouds.com. Her direct profile page on Healing Clouds is here: http://bit.ly/rev-kathleen-shannon. A session with Rev. Kathleen Shannon on Healing Clouds with their webcam services costs more as she must give them a percentage of her earnings.

Telephone sessions are another excellent way to experience hypnotherapy in the comfort of your own home. All you need, ideally, is a blu tooth or headset with a wrap-around mouthpiece; but you can also use a speaker phone. This is a new method that is being used by innovative hypnotherapists with great success. This method is proven very safe because you are given a self release suggestion. That means you can come out of trance at any time on your own. Please email or telephone to set up the telephone counseling sessions.

Hypnosis Programs Offered:

   Past Life Regression
   White Light Ascension 
   Spirit Guide Contact
   Beneficial Behavior Programming
   Future Success Programming
   Self-healing with Self Hypnosis
   Body Image and Weight Control
   Stop Pain and Speed Healing
   How To Be A Non-Smoker
   Releasing Addiction 
   Improving Your Golf Game
   Gay and Lesbian Support