My primary wellness modality is hypnotherapy, which I have been practicing and teaching since 1993. I facilitate sessions of Clinical Hypnotherapy, Spiritual Hypnotherapy, Past life Regression, Spirit Contact Therapy and Life Between Lives. I use deep relaxation and creative visualization to help my clients release negative subconscious programming. This release and forgiveness process results in overcoming anxiety, guilt, pain, sadness, anger, addiction, unwanted habits, and more.

These kinds of negative emotions and behavior can cause disease and events to happen that you don’t need in your life. When unwanted things happen, you may actually be causing them with negative thought patterns, subconsciously. Illness and accidents are soul’s indicator of imbalance. Those negative thought patterns must be changed in order to experience a positive life of serenity, peace and well being.

I share my knowledge so you can easily understand and accomplish change. I use hypnotherapy as a way to create transformation in your subconscious mind with new positive phrases. This brings faster results than talk therapy, where your conscious mind wants change, but subconsciously continues to replay negative words used to control you as a child.

My goal is to help you live successfully in the world today by creating high energy, focus and abundance in your life. You are your beliefs, so they need to be examined and understood so you can dissolve any blocks to your natural unlimited energy.

Hypnosis is an easy and effective way to program a stronger ability to focus and remember studies at school, increase memory in general and to improve athletic prowess in sports. All hypnosis is self hypnosis, so you are learning a skill that you can use by yourself to help create health and success for the rest of your life.

Clinical Hypnotherapy

The well known use of clinical hypnotherapy has been to quit smoking and lose weight, and patients are sometimes referred by their doctor to a hypnotherapist. But now it has been proven effective for use in any behavior modification desired. It’s like programming new software into the hardware of your brain. This is especially effective for reprogramming how one continues to react to past traumatic events, which can create phobias. Hypnotherapy has now been approved by the US government as a medical prescription to help soldiers who suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD.

Clinical hypnosis is becoming popular for patients seeking a complement to their medical procedures and relief from unusual health challenges. Many patients have chronic pain and chronic disease that they find they cannot fully resolve through pharmaceutical drugs and surgeries, so they try alternative solutions like hypnotherapy.

Finding the root cause of a health challenge when I work you, I then teach self-hypnosis so you can manage pain and promote healing on your own at home. I also teach hypnotherapy for pain control if you are a patient who can’t use anesthesia, and are needing a procedure done.

I offer pre-surgery hypnotherapy for optimum success during procedures, promoting confidence in your surgeon and a calm mental state. Then I can help you speed up your healing process with post-surgery hypnotherapy programming. There are also many medical procedures that can cause anxiety or nausea, where hypnotherapy is a very effective tool in resolving those kinds of problems.

My sessions with you will be holistic in nature, treating body, mind and spirit as equal parts of a whole system of health optimized through balance, understanding and visualization. In this way, I offer medication-free solutions to help eliminate pain and speed healing.

Spiritual Hypnotherapy

Offered here are my unique sessions of spiritual hypnotherapy, used for exploring past lives, life between lives (the afterlife), and your future in this life. These sessions are beneficial for understanding your life as it is now, healing from past hurts and manifesting a better future. I specialize in helping you meet and work with your spirit guides to improve your life and to release any guilt, anger, fear, sadness and remorse that may be blocking your success.  Everything you are today is because of something you thought about before and manifested. Learning how to harness and use these powerful tools can help you create a better life for your future. You can make a regular hypnotherapy appointment on this website, just put “Spiritual Hypnotherapy” in the notes. I will contact you to communicate more information about this type of modality.

Reverend Kathleen and her sister, Dr. Jill Shannahan, a psychiatrist in Santa Cruz, CA.

An interview of Kathleen Shannon by Nabil from Healing Clouds about her work using hypnotherapy with clients.

Remote Hypnotherapy

Kathleen’s Ministry offers webcam services which brings me to you, anywhere in the world. We can see each other just like an in-person session. I can monitor your eye rems and breathing. All you need is a computer with a built-in camera and an account with Skype, Zoom, FaceTime or another video platform of your choice. You can make a regular hypnotherapy appointment on this website, just put “Remote Hypnosis” in the notes. I will contact you to communicate how we can easily connect.

Telephone sessions are another excellent way to experience hypnotherapy in the comfort of your own home. All you need, ideally, is a blue tooth or headset with a wrap-around mouthpiece; but you can also use a speaker phone. This is a method that I have been using since 2008 with great success. This remote method is very safe because you are given a self release suggestion. That means you can come out of trance at any time on your own. You can make a regular hypnotherapy appointment on this website, just put “Remote Hypnosis” in the notes. I will contact you by telephone at the time you choose for your session. Before that, I will contact you by email to plan the best type of remote session we will have.

For “Remote Hypnosis” you can use a simple land line phone with no video picture or a smart phone which has video capability. A land line connects with my smart phone cell service with no video, only audio, which is very effective. Or we connect cell phones for a visual session on Skype, WhatsApp, FaceTime or other video service.

Hypnotherapy & Remote Hypnosis

Sessions are 90 minutes

$111 per session

Special Deal

$299 for 3 sessions