“Kathleen, was the best! She made everything about our destination wedding in Laguna Beach perfect and easy. Without even asking she checked out our Hotel to make sure it would work for us, and she went to the Beach we were looking to get married on to find the best spot and all the logistics. She also took care of all of the paperwork! Thank you so much for making our wedding so wonderful!” Steven G., Yelp review for Reverend Kathleen Shannon, Laguna Hills, CA. Feb. 2018 

The Reverend Kathleen Shannon says:

“We are gathered here today to witness a wedding of two people in love: heart, body and soul…”

“Congratulations! I am committed to being the very best minister for your wedding day.”

“I always put together a wedding ceremony that reflects your sentiments, personality and spirituality. You are also welcome to write your own vows. Each ceremony is custom tailored for you and approved by you. I have many examples to peruse for ideas.”

“I am comfortable performing wedding ceremonies in any environment, such as at a beach, a boutique hotel, a backyard home garden, a botanical garden, a city park, a mountain top, a professional wedding venue, or in a large hotel resort ballroom. If you need help choosing a venue, I can help.”

“I will help each person in your wedding party understand their role in the wedding procession, for the entire ceremony. Music helps set the mood, and I can bring a small sound system if needed. It will be a fun and easy wedding ceremony for you, I give you my promise.”  



“This couple contacted me through Yelp all the way from Salt Lake City, Utah. They flew in for the wedding with his parents and many friends. They wanted a beach wedding in Laguna Beach, a warm vacation destination with one of the world’s most picturesque coastlines. I wrote a custom script and took the sunset photos shown above with my cell phone.”


“We had the initial wedding ceremony at the Art Hotel in Laguna Beach. Then we crossed the street for the Rose Ceremony with casual photographs taken with cell phones.”


“Professional photographs in Laguna Beach require a city permit. Wedding ceremonies also require a permit in Laguna Beach, Corona Del Mar and South Laguna: home of the spectacular Montage Resort. They are all expensive permits and need time to book in advance, but there is always a workaround if not in your budget or time constraint. All beaches in Southern California are public beaches with public access. The beaches of San Clemente and Newport Beach do not require a permit for a wedding or professional photography and can make gorgeous wedding pictures with our famous piers and sunsets in the background. There is definitely less stress going to these alternative beaches that don’t require a permit.”  Reverend Kathleen Shannon

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“The groom contacted me and first asked for a beach wedding. After much discussion, he confided that his future bride dreamed of being married under a rose arbor. As that wasn’t feasible at the beach, I discovered this perfect spot for a May wedding, when roses run riot over the arbor.”


“There’s room here at this public library garden, for about 20 people to attend. No chairs can be brought in but it has two big benches, a pretty mosaic water fountain and many dozens of rose trees and bushes. It’s cosy, quiet and secluded. It’s warmer than at the beach, year round, as often the beach can be cloudy, foggy and chilly with wind. There is no permit fee or reservations needed for this venue”  Reverend Kathleen Shannon


The mother of the Bride contacted me through Yelp and asked me to officiate and attend the rehearsal. They had a big wedding in mind at a venue which only does weddings. It has a very kind and professional team which takes care of everything. It has a breathtakingly beautiful location. I really recommend this place to anyone thinking about getting married. The couple also had their reception there and I was invited to stay after the ceremony and mingle with the 95 guests. The food was marvelous and the dining area well appointed. As it was mostly outside and with nature all around I felt very comfortable. They had a cocktail party while waiting for the dinner and a DJ afterwards. The guests were able to stay in one place and enjoy the evening from ceremony, to photos, then drinking, dining and dancing!


The Bride and Groom each read long loving letters to each other for their vows. It was so unique. The rest of the ceremony was very short, as was requested. I think this was my favorite wedding ceremony so far because our co-created custom script turned out so perfect for that day. It was almost raining and it was cold, so it was good being short and sweet!

“Hi Kathleen. Thank you again for such a lovely ceremony. Everything turned out great and the wedding and reception were a success!” Virginia Knudtson, mother of the bride, email on May 22, 2018 for the wedding of Adam and Savannah on May 20, 2018


“This couple wanted a back yard wedding at the bride’s parent’s house. Her father built the family home, which was large and very beautiful, and he built a special gazebo for the ceremony. There were over 50 people attending and the temperature was a hot 95 degrees.”


“I supplied the sound system and set up the music for the ceremony, chosen by the bride, which was Pachelbel’s Canon in D, one of my favorites. I wrote a custom script with the couple’s input, designed the service of eleven members and conducted the rehearsal the day before the service. The venue was an hour from my office.” Reverend Kathleen Shannon



“These lovers were visiting southern California for a week, and decided to elope. They googled wedding officiant and found me. They wanted to be married with an ocean view, across the street from their hotel. They called me the day before they wanted to get married. I was able to give them directions to where they could acquire a marriage license, and where to buy the rings and her wedding dress. Then I officiated their wedding the next evening. You do not need a blood test in Orange County, so last minute weddings are possible.”


“My son Sean took all the wedding photographs with his digital camera. The groom downloaded them to his computer within the hour. The globes are not water spots, they are called orbs, and are actual beings of light and information.”

“They had one friend with them to be a witness, and my son was the other witness. The couple had known each other for 20 years, being co-workers at the same company in northern California. It was exciting to be part of their spontaneous wedding day.”

Reverend Kathleen Shannon

A Love Story:
The Universal Life Church believes . . .

Throughout history there have been great love stories. There are tales of men and women who have been through great suffering, terrible conflicts; who have over- come seemingly insurmountable barriers to be with one another. Every love story in its own way has a certain greatness, a certain sublimity. There is often the untold history of physical and mental hardship, the fear and agony of difficult decision making, the shattering darkness of the great breaks in life’s pattern, and then almost unbelievably, the “light at the end of the tunnel.”

“True love”, tradition tells us, “never runs smooth”. But there does come a time when the forces that have sought to destroy, admit defeat and disintegrate and love triumphs.

This is a happy occasion when a couple stands before us to declare and celebrate their love and their marriage. Their path has not been easy. Perhaps, because of this, they value their commitment and their happiness, and indeed their wedding, much more than if it had been otherwise. They know that they must never take this relationship for granted. They know that they have found in each other that unique, yet mysterious quality whereby they know that they are meant for each other. They know too, with the poet, that “true love may come but once.”

Love, in human life, is acknowledged by all, but it eludes all defining and explanation.

When we think about a union between two souls we take heart. In the midst of the selfishness, the competition, and the ambition of modern life, love intrudes its in- explicable and extraordinary softening influence. A marriage encourages all of us because when two people find joy and happiness in giving and caring, in co- operating and compromising, it says something to all mankind. If we recognize that life at its deepest and most personal must be selfless and loving to bring human happiness, then so it must be in the wider community of all the world. It is to celebrate love, to be influenced by it, and to take it in our lives to others that we have witnessed a wedding. Copyright: The Universal Life Church

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