Past-life Regression

Past-life Regression in two parts

Weight Control and Family Therapy

Weight Control with Past-Life Regression

“Your body shape is created by your beliefs. What do you believe? Is your body shape genetic? Do you believe when you get older, you will get heavier like your older relatives? Do you feel stuck or helpless in your current body shape that you are not comfortable with? Your belief programming can be deeper and reach even farther than this lifetime. This section is about understanding the cause of subconscious and buried beliefs about weight by observing the past lives most effecting you now. You don’t have to believe in past life regression for this to work. But, you can get stuck in a pattern that began lifetimes ago and still is affecting this one. And I must say, that just isn’t fair! You can’t remember it, right?

“It may be time to stop believing something your soul experienced long ago. Those beliefs were put in place to protect you in a different lifetime, not needed now. If you can see and understand what happened in these related core events, you can create the compassion it takes to let it go, get unstuck and move on. You may not be able to move forward until you forgive yourself and all those involved. How can you forgive yourself for something you didn’t even know happened in the past? What is the point, you may ask?

“The famous “sleeping prophet” Edgar Cayce, when asked to do astrological readings on his clients, replied that past lives have more effect on people’s behavior than astrology, and he started to give “life readings” for people, charting the past lives they had experienced before. He did this to heal people with mysterious illnesses. With past-life regression being easy enough for anyone to learn, you can uncover any negative patterns carrying over into your life today, which are effecting your body’s shape, and correct them with various simple techniques that I can teach you.” — The Reverend Kathleen Shannon, Cht.

Do you believe in Reincarnation?

Some of the following articles were taken from my May ’09 workshop at Awakening’s Center for Conscious Living in Laguna Hills:
“Body Image and Weight Control with Spiritual Hypnotherapy”

“A woman client was frustrated about her lifelong battle against obesity which included psychotherapy and diets that never worked. She felt hopeless. A breakthrough happened when she was regressed into a past life where she perceived herself as a Hawaiian princess. Being fat then was a status symbol. Fat symbolized she didn’t have to do any work. The princess was well fed by her subjects who were made to give her part of their harvest. She became queen and she was not a nice person. She took advantage of her elevated status. In her current life this woman was pushy and bossy, and not very nice. She realized why this was when she saw her arrogant past life and how fat meant wealth. She decided not to repeat this behavior. The client is working very hard to forgive herself and also be kinder to others. She is letting go of her fear of losing weight. Weight loss was equal to loss of status in her subconscious mind! Now that she understood this old attitude with her conscious mind, she has started to lose weight and should be better equipped emotionally to keep it off. She is willing to put in a day’s hard work. She didn’t like the image of the slothful princess.

“Another overweight client was regressed and got a past life in India. She was a child beggar in this past life and never had enough to eat. She and her mother were controlled by a cruel master. They were kept at starvation level by this man. He forced them to beg on the street and bring the money back to him. Then they were fed his household’s table scraps, but only if they brought him enough coin. The mother died. The daughter finally committed suicide by eating poison set out for rats. Diets today sound like die to this modern day woman because eating was such a base survival in her traumatic past life. Food to her equalled power. She had been suffering from food anxiety, fearing any lack of food. But now she could see and understand where these feelings were coming from. She had to forgive herself for enduring this miserable lifetime, because she had to let go of its influence over her life now. She let go of its power. She also had to forgive the cruel master and her mother in the past life, to rid her- self of the victim complex, which was carrying over to this life. Whenever she was feeling sorry for herself, she would reach for her comfort foods.

“A client wanted me to regress him “back to the cause” of his problem with bulimia. This young man was miserable at his job. He wanted to move to another country to be with his new found friends. He had traveled there and felt tremendous deja-vu. It felt like home, a place he felt he had a past life connection. But his father had tremendous influence over him and he forcefully discouraged his only son from moving far away. The father insisted that the young man now had a steady job, a good job in the field his father had chosen for him, and he should stay there. The young man struggled with his body image and bulimia. He had been miserable in middle school. He revealed that one day, when he was around 14 years old, he came home and both of his parents were at work, as his mother had started a new job. He began to gorge himself on an entire box of pop tarts, then started on cookies and ice cream. He went into kind of a trance as he ate, thinking about the trauma he had endured at school. When he finally snapped out of the trance and saw how much junk food he ate he felt disgust, so he stuck his finger down his throat and purged. This started a habit that stayed with him all the way through college, as his father forced him to study for a profession he didn’t care about.

“When I regressed him back to his childhood, he remembered his the other kids at school teasing him about his weight. He also remembered his father criticizing his body shape and eating habits, calling him a “little fat pig”. Although he was now a very handsome man with a very fit, beautiful body (because he works out obsessively) he still feels overweight and ugly. I used clinical hypnosis to program him to love himself and keep down all the healthy foods he was eating now. I used spiritual hypnotherapy to take him back to the cause in a past life. In a past life long ago, he discovered he had had to escape an invading horde who massacred his fellow villagers. He had to scratch out an existence hiding out in the mountains. He was starving most of the time. After he experienced his death scene, which was actually quite peaceful, I took him up to higher self, where he perceived his primary spirit guide, who was his deceased great uncle, his favorite relative. This uncle gave him good advice about his life. When the young man asked him if he should leave the country and follow his dream, the uncle replied, “I’m wondering why haven’t you left yet.”

“A hypnosis seminar attendee discovered she had suffered sexual abuse in a past life that was still affecting her now. This very pretty but overweight woman perceived a past life in Eastern Europe. She had been a young girl in a wealthy family. An invading army came and took the family as slaves. They plundered the family home. She was sold to a master to be used as a prostitute, because she was so beautiful. It was obviously a very unhappy life. She was killed by a client who was jealous of her other lovers, even though they were just clients and she was forced to service them. When she was taken to up to higher self, under hypnosis, she felt her former self thinking this thought: “If you are pretty you will be used. If you want to be safe, don’t be pretty.” She had pre-programmed herself to be invisible in this life by disguising herself with fat. She had even chosen to be born to an overweight mother.

“Three generations of women came to me for a group past life regression (a past-life party) regarding the fact they were all heavy and wanted to lose weight. The daughter was only 12 but the overweight mother was already berating her because she had a little pot belly. Her large-sized grandmother was there too and agreed with the child’s mother, who was her own daughter. During the past-life regression session, the young girl perceived a past life where she was a famous Sumo wrestler in Japan, and she was highly revered and respected. Her great size offered her the opportunity to make a success of her life and she enjoyed that life immensely. She understood that she actually wanted to come back to a family with large bodies, so she could continue to have a large body too, which to her symbolized power and prestige. She did not know about Sumo wrestlers before. She drew a picture of a huge man wearing only a white “diaper”, a loin cloth.” — The Reverend Kathleen Shannon, CHt.

“The biggest objection to the belief in reincarnation seems to be that people just don’t want to come back, that life is too hard to want to do it again. Maybe that is why most of us don’t remember our past lives when we reincarnate. We don’t want to remember because we don’t need to be burdened with past hardships and disappointments. But energy does not die. Our consciousness really is immortal, the energy of each one of us is forever. When you explore past lives, you get a much broader and more enlight- ened picture of who you really are.”
— The Reverend Kathleen Shannon, CHt.

Family Therapy with Past-life Regression

Past-life regression for couples
A married couple experiences past life regression

Radio interview question to Reverend Kathleen: “Do you work with couples?”
“Yes I do, but believe it or not, it is a challenge to work with couples. Some of my associates do not accept this work. But I welcome it. Looking into the past lives is my passion, and I love romance, so putting both together is fun for me. My favorite thing is to ask how they got together. Why did they choose each other? People light up at that question, explaining how they first met. Some couples even disliked each other at first. Then, when they actually remember a past life they have spent together, it is just so exciting. It always gives more understanding to the couple and teaches compassion for their partners.

“Back in 2008 the divorce rate was down because couples who wanted to split up just couldn’t afford it. They are forced to get along and stay together for survival reasons. Having this kind of therapy helps calm down the situation. Also learning how to manifest abundance with hypnosis programming can really help raise the money they need if they decide to go ahead with the split. Being forced to get along until then may actually get them through the crisis and they may stay together in the end, as they learn and grow more mature.

“Having had 2 successful long term marriages that ended in amicable divorces, I believe that any coming together and breaking apart is rich with lessons, love and growth opportunities. Past life regression helped me to figure out where my challenges and patterns originate from, as all feelings come from a cause, and feelings determine our beliefs.

“This phenomena may appear to come from this life, but these feelings almost always originate from a past life experience. It is usually a pattern that repeats over and over until one can learn the lesson and forgive themselves and all others involved. This can even come from a group trauma, such as a tribe of people getting wiped out.

“You and your spouse may not have any problems and just want to explore for fun. This is what I call a past-life party, and it brings you closer together for the experiencing of it. I had been dating a hypnotherapist boyfriend for a few years so I told him I loved him. He said he really wished he could feel the same way about me. (He is year of the OX, rather slow to warm up and commit) Later in the evening, I regressed him, with his consent, to a past life where he perceived that we were married with 3 children in a primitive fishing village. He started telling me he loved me right after that session, as it had created real connection and emotion. We have explored many past lives together since then, even one as male friends. All of them were positive and strengthened our relationship. But even if they had been negative, it would still be insightful and bonding. Live, love, learn and live again. We are compelled to return again for more lessons, hard though they can be.

“You can also explore when your children came together with you before in your past lives. Do you have a son or daughter who acts more like a parent than a child? I let my son know he chose me, more than the other way around. Or maybe it was a soul agreement we both made before we each were born.

“If you see a pattern in your life that seems to be repeating over and over, it is most assuredly from a past life. Or if you feel stuck at a certain level of success and can’t achieve your goals, it is an- other indication of a past-life pattern. Together we can go back to the very first lifetime the problem started with “back to the cause” past-life therapy. This is very important to get to the root lifetime. Then you can see it, understand it , and not beat yourself up about it any more. You must forgive yourself and all those involved. I will give you your own special mantra to repeat every day to establish your new perspective as permanent habit. You forgive, you are wiser for knowing the cause, and now you can release the effect.

“A client of mine couldn’t understand why she was so challenged by her mother in this lifetime. Her mother was in and out of mental institutions and blamed everything on my client and her father. She had already been working hard trying to release the abusive behavior effects through the study of spirituality and compassion. When I regressed her she discovered her mother was in a previous lifetime an abusive father and a pig farmer. She had had a close relationship with her mother in that lifetime and she had been a boy. In this lifetime she couldn’t understand why she was not close with her mother like normal. When she found out her mother used to be her bully of a father, she was then able to detach and allow her mother to leave and find her own apartment. The mother’s obvious strain on her daughter’s family of a husband and three children was noticeably relaxed after that. I did indicate to my client that the family feud may extend even further back in time than that, when my client may have had a reversed role with her tormentor.

“Metaphysics is based on the idea of karma and reincarnation, the universal law of cause and effect. Like a pebble tossed into a quiet pond, the ripples move out, and then back again. The way a pendulum swings in a grandfather clock can also be used to describe the way a yin-yang balance is universal, also the rising and lowering of the tides. All life is a cycle where we find ourselves back where we came from. You can’t escape yourself and your actions will always cause blessings or consequences. That is why it is important to live with mindfulness. Mindfulness is paying attention to everything we think, do or say. Karma means action, and any action has a reaction.

“It is every person’s duty to find out our soul’s lineage and what makes us tick, as we are God experiencing herself. (I say herself because God is the Ultimate Creator, the Mother Who Gives Birth to All.) One way to do this is discovering your past lives through past-life regression. What did you experience before that shaped you into the person you are today? What talents did you have in the past that you can bring forward into your now? By clearing up any negative past-life trauma, you can raise your vibrations and evolve into the person you were really meant to be, just as soon as you want to experience a better tomorrow.”

From a radio interview with The Reverend Kathleen Shannon 5/25/08

They experienced past life regression with Kathleen
They experienced past life regression with Kathleen