Reconnective Healing

Certified Practitioner Kathleen Shannon           

Reconnective Healing

Certified Practitioner Kathleen Shannon

Why have Reconnective Healing?

If you are looking for change, if you’re feeling stuck for any reason, Reconnective Healing is the solution. It creates clarity and focus. It helps us understand and recognize “flow” and when we’re in it. Reconnective Healing gives us better timing, serendipity and charisma into our life experience. It heals, not only physical healing, but relationships too. I noticed it did this for me. After my first session with a certified practitioner, I reconnected with my biological mother and my ex-husband, father of my son, after many years of silence. At my first workshop with Dr. Pearl, he healed my long time frozen shoulders and they are still feeling great years later. After only one session, changes can be felt and observed immediately and over time. Your new Reconnective Healing frequencies will continue to interact with you after you leave my office. Clients concur, and have left their positive testimonials on Google, Yelp and this website.

What is Reconnective Healing?

Reconnective Healing is taught online and in-person seminars worldwide with Dr. Eric Pearl. Reconnective Healing is known as a type of energy medicine. It is internationally recognized and has been scientifically proven on the university level. This is energetic healing and reconnection with God Source Energy, also known as The Field. This modality brings light and information to the client and to the healer, changing our DNA. This may allow us to eventually evolve into a new species of human, able to better interact with The Field and the Infinite Intelligence of the universe. Through this process, all systems of the physical and spirit bodies are brought into balance and so allow healing to begin and continue to unfold. I am a certified Reconnective Healing practitioner. I have been working with these healing frequencies since 2012.

During the session, you will be awake, open to an experience, not wishing or praying for anything specific, just receiving Source Energy. These energetic waves of light will balance all the systems needed at this time. When systems are balanced, one is healed. It has been reported that many thousands of healings of this nature have taken place, which include every imaginable variety of illness and deformity. These frequencies take one’s body, mind and spirit to a higher degree of vibration. Many have reported seeing symbols, swirling lights of incredible colors, smelling fragrances, feeling the energies inside the body and hearing voices.

You will recline comfortably face up, fully dressed and probably with your eyes closed. As your practitioner, I move around you, weaving a series of intuitive hand, arm and body movements. I will be completely hands off and eyes open, listening, using “O.N.E”, Observe-Notice-Experience, as developed and personally taught by Dr. Eric Pearl and his team of teaching assistants. In this way I am able to connect to the healing frequencies, and connect to your energetic field as well.  When I pull away, creating more space, I am allowing a pathway of supernatural intelligence to impart information of a cosmic degree directly to you from the God-source. Reconnective Healing is confirmed by me when your body and face register involuntary muscle movements, or by you receiving inner communication that is recorded by me afterwards.

Four Advantages of Reconnective Healing

A) Not having to reveal shameful or painful memories. No need for past medical records.

B) Not having to have any invasive, painful tests or treatments.

C) You don’t have to talk or speak English. Excellent for helping animals, children and babies.

D) Simple and inexpensive.

This is a wonderful healing modality for those who cannot communicate well, such as with geriatrics, Alzheimer’s sufferers, dementia patients, babies, children and pets. The practitioner simply reconnects to the healing frequencies, then literally steps back, and allows space for the healing intelligence to interact with the client, all non-verbally and in silence. Meanwhile the energy gets stronger the further away the practitioner is, which is one of the biggest mysteries about it!

“With Reconnective Healing, it is actually better for me not to know much detail about your health problems. The Intelligence of The Field already knows what it is you want before you even walk into my healing room. It also already knows what it is you need first, if you have a long list of problems bothering you. It’s not the disease or infirmity that heals, it’s the person.” pg. 145, The Reconnection, Heal Others, Heal Yourself, by Dr. Eric Pearl.

“In Reconnective Healing, we do not send the healing, we become it. Therefore we become the catalyst for the healings that through our attention, not our intention, we become a timeless participant in a three way interaction between our local embodiment, our timeless non-local essence, and the Infinite Field itself.” Quote by Dr. Eric Pearl, The Portal, Online Level One Training.

Reconnective healing is not faith healing. You do not need to believe in anything for it to work. I believe in the healing power of the universe and our own true selves reconnecting to God. We do not need to have the same belief system to work together effectively and successfully.

“If your energy body is in proper balance and in full flow, there is no question of disease in your body, either physiologically or psychologically. It’s impossible.” Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev in “Himalayan Lust”.

I took my time training with Dr. Eric Pearl and his team, experimenting with the healing frequencies over the years to be sure that this healing modality was real for my clients and not just the power of suggestion, before going on to the next level of instruction. I was skeptical at first, but I have since come to believe it is real and it is powerful! I am now an accepted Ambassador for the Reconnection Trainings and a member of their volunteer staff.

Reconnective Healing works by entraining client + practitioner + God/Love Source Light and Information. After years of working on my own emotional healing, I am the happiest I have ever been. Dr. Eric Pearl healed my frozen shoulders in 10 minutes, in a workshop he had at Awakenings. My shoulders had bothered me for years. That was my first experience with Reconnective Healing. That amazing healing inspired me to believe in Reconnective Healing and so I begin training by just first reading his book, The Reconnection. He explains what you need to know in the book.

I would very much like to share my excellent health, high energy and happiness with you. I believe in co-creating abundance and good health for every client who comes to me. I believe the quest to create balance, wellness, kindness and compassion is and always has been the purpose of every human reincarnating on earth. Re-connect and remember who you really are, a magnificent, immortal, multi-dimensional spiritual being, a shining light to all others you meet.

Heal Yourself, Heal Others

Please contact me for free information and classroom discounts if you would like to learn more about  healing yourself and others with Reconnective Healing. At, you can find free materials to start your journey on this path. If you use my link here to enter the website, you will be able to take advantage of any discounts for training classes you purchase, that are part of our Ambassador program:

Distance Healing

Reconnective Healing also includes Distance Healing. This is facilitated in non-local reality, and can be received by you anywhere in the world. I will call just before the session begins, then I will facilitate the process in my healing room the same way as if you were in my office, we stay connected by phone or computer. This takes place at the same time as you lay down in your bed, at the hour that you reserve, up to 11pm (late times by request). After the session we discuss what you experienced.

This type of distance healing can be gifted to another. You choose the time for the session and give feedback about your friend after the session. The person receiving Reconnective Healing does not need to know about it or give their permission to have it done. Payment is accepted at the beginning of the session. I have many reviews posted on this website which validate the effectiveness of Distance Healing.

Medical Disclaimer: I do not diagnose or treat patients. I am a Reconnective Healing practitioner, not a medical doctor.
 As a wellness practitioner, I cannot make any guarantees about a specific cure, but if you remain relaxed and aware, in a state of expecting something good, the perfect healing will take place at the perfect time. The Reconnective Healing you receive will continue to unfold beyond your session in noticeable ways.

Reconnective Healing/ Distance Healing


Sessions are 75 minutes

$150 per session

Up to 3 sessions are recommended for any one situation.

Reconnective Healing

You will be paying at the start of your session, not now. You do not need a password or log in. You will be able to reschedule or cancel, if needed, in your emailed confirmation.