This is an interview with Healing Cloud’s team member Nabil from London. He wanted our online clients to learn more about my hypnotherapy practice. had invited me to be one of their online video practitioners more than a year ago. It is a really convenient way to connect and learn about self healing from holistic healers all over the world from the comfort of your own home. Because you are actually the one who has the power and the information available to heal yourself, with guidance from a professional holistic healer. I believe this is because, with a mind/body/spirit healer/teacher such as myself, you are connecting to the grace and healing of the Source Energy of your own personal God.

This interview took place during a huge electrical storm in California. We thought we were cutting out but we weren’t. Nabil promised to edit, but he never did. It’s raw, but I liked it anyway and felt it was worth sharing. There is a lot of information here and I was pleased to be able to talk about the esoteric things I do, co-creating healings for my clients.

Hypnosis sessions can include Clinical Hypnosis such as Becoming a Non-Smoker, Weight Loss or Weight Control, Changing Bad Habits, Mending a Broken Heart, Pain Control Therapy, and Addiction Rehab. This can include Spiritual Hypnosis such as Past Life Healing, Spirit Contact Therapy and Life Between Lives Healing.

I am available 7 days a week, 10 hours a day online and also in person at my Healing Spa in South Orange County, California. You may contact me directly at You may call or text me directly at 1 (949) 422-4092.


Sessions are 90 minutes

$111 per session

Special Deal

$299 for 3 sessions