Our super-conscious minds are part of the collective unconscious or universal mind of God, or Source Energy.  We are all connected this way and are evolving together. The force that connects us is called compassion or love. Hypnosis helps you get in touch with the super-conscious part of yourself. It’s really stimulating and a lot of fun. I invite Americans to turn off their TVs and become more pro-active. The best plan for an interesting and joy filled life is to make our own programs and movies inside ourselves, with self hypnosis. In this positive way, you manifest the positive future you really desire. All hypnosis is self hypnosis, you allow it to happen and use your imagination to create your best possible future. When you worry, you bring to you that which you are not wanting, by envisioning the worst possible thing to happen. TV encourages us to worry. I have not had TV in my house for years. I call my home my happy bubble. I do not listen to talk radio either. For a time I did. I outgrew it. It wasn’t serving me. My mood is my only business. A sustained good mood creates miracles.

Hypnosis has been used in our society in ways that are not benign, such as teaching soldiers to kill, for instance, that is a form of hypnosis. Humans are actually born naturally wired to be compassionate. So, while hypnosis can be a very effective tool for creating bad behavior by institutions, it can also be a powerful beneficial modality for good when used the right way for the right reasons; for the everyday person trying to have a successful, yet spiritual and peaceful life. It is possible to achieve balance, health and peace with the help of hypnotherapy, by an ethical and certified hypnotherapist. Clinical hypnosis is great for programming in the discipline one needs to achieve one’s goals. It can improve a student’s study habits and subject retention, it can improve an athlete’s performance, for examples. Spiritual hypnotherapy is wonderful for re-connecting to one’s higher self and Divine Spirit to understand why we are here.

Your thoughts create your reality, but you may have some old, faulty programming that is creating blocks, even illness. This negative programming needs to be replaced or upgraded, just like a computer, for a healthy, satisfying life. I can help you begin to learn about yourself, and how to heal yourself. Anyone can be happy if only they would change their perspective. As a hypnotherapist and counselor, I promise to work with you to dissolve any mental blocks, clear away any old energy baggage, including attached entities, and help you create the most rewarding life you can imagine.  I can help you discover meaning and direction in your life. 

A most rewarding influence in my practice I use myself daily are the teachings of Abraham-Hicks, and I want to give them credit here. Using the techniques they recommend, I will help you return to balance as you discover how to align your vibration with source energy, whether by hypnotherapy, energy healing or both. By aligning yourself with who you really are, miracles can happen and your goals may be realized.

My in-person private sessions are in south Orange County, CA.  Locations are in Laguna Niguel. My hypnotherapy abilities are accessible and effective over the phone or online video with Skype, WhatsApp, Discord, Facetime, Zoom, etc.

Many Blessings, Reverend Kathleen Shannon