How To Heal Diabetes?

So you have a diagnosis of Diabetes, or Pre-Diabetes. Now you are faced with a daunting task. You are realizing that you will have to change your lifestyle if you want to be healthy, heal or even stay at the level you are right now. Notice how you are feeling about the diagnosis of Diabetes. Are you resentful, anxious, worried or overwhelmed?

You will have to be making decisions also about your personal diabetes diagnosis and treatment plan. Should you accept the wellness program offered by your doctor of Western Medicine? This may be a result because you are paying a lot of money for health insurance premiums in America and so you want to use it. Or you may believe that Western Medicine has all the answers because it is based on science, and the latest findings of scientists and the drug offerings of the Pharma Industry. You will probably begin a regime of testing your blood sugar levels throughout the day and then injecting insulin to maintain your correct sugar levels. Maybe it feels as though Western Medicine infers that you won’t have to change your diet as long as you test your blood and use insulin properly.

Why Be Proactive?

Diabetes can be a dangerous juggling act because when you forget to take the tests and inject pharmaceutical insulin, your body can go into shock. You begin to feel shaky and disoriented. There are people driving the freeways here looking as if they are drunk drivers. Not all of them are consuming alcohol. Someone who is in diabetic shock can actually appear as if they are drunk. They don’t even remember driving home. I know this personally because family members and friends who are diabetic have reported these problems. You can endanger yourself and the lives of others if you forget to follow the maintenance laid out by your doctor.

Now I have to tell you the really shocking truth. This plan of Western Medicine in the use of testing and administering insulin does not cure you, ever. This only maintains your body so it doesn’t die on you, or so they want you to believe. Dr. Oz maintains that many diabetics actually die of heart attacks! He has an incredible video that shows exactly in animation how the body functions under diabetes and how it can create heart attacks. Here is the link:

Free Resources

On the other hand there are countless videos on youtube and articles you can google about healing and curing diabetes. It is true! You can heal yourself from diabetes! Western Medicine wants everyone to believe that there is no cure. To me, this holistic approach seems smarter even if you have to pay out of pocket to visit wellness practitioners such as myself in person or online. You can cure yourself from diabetes using a combination of diet, exercise, herbal and mineral supplements, meditation, hypnosis and energy healing. It is important that you realize there is a world of options out there!

Check your library and library apps for the Wheat Belly series of books by William Davis, MD, a cardiologist who healed himself of diabetes and obesity. He also has a series of Wheat Belly Cookbooks, to make it easier to switch over to no grains, no starch living. You can make all your favorite breads and desserts using non grain, no starch ingredients such as almond flour, coconut flour, and flax seed flour. These includes items such as pizza, foccacia, cakes, muffins, cookies, scones and more. They actually taste better and will improve your health. The main message is that he believes the ADA and AHA made a huge mistake when they began advising us to “eat more whole grains and low fat products” when the exact opposite is true! Since that time in the mid 80’s diabetes has sky rocketed around the world.

I understand that this can be frustrating for you. Of course we all want life to be simple and easy. It is amazing how complicated it can get once you are ill or in pain. This is only an indicator that something in your body is out of balance and so let in dis-ease. Besides, you are really not your body. The true you is spirit inhabiting a body for which you are responsible for keeping healthy. So something out of whack in your physical, mental or emotional state has let in disease. It is up to you to take this challenge or not. You can continue on this path to dis-ease and die, which is a natural end for each of us, or you can choose life continuing for much longer by being proactive and doing the things needed to maintain good health.

#1 Diet

Number one- you should absolutely decide to not eat sugar: all desserts and sweets and all the foods that create sugar, like breads, white potatoes, alcohol, etc. Granted- this is not easy! If you want to see people getting upset, take away the foods that people are used to eating. I used to work part time at Trader Joe’s Grocery Store and if you want to see drama, come into one of those stores and notice how people act when they can’t get the food and drink they want or crave! That is because Trader Joe’s is constantly running out of products. As a stock girl, I was saying “sorry” all day long! Besides, vegetables are the cheapest and best foods to eat to get the body back to health. Watch the documentary on Netflix called “What The Health” to learn more!

#2 Exercise

Number two is exercise. You must get gentle exercise everyday and lose any excess weight to relieve symptoms of diabetes. You know this already if you have received a diagnosis of diabetes. Your doctor has probably already advised you to maintain lower body weight if you want a healthy heart and holistic body systems for a better lifestyle. One of the ways I myself started getting more exercise is joining a dance studio. I am learning new things and making new friends. Dancing is also very good for the brain, especially couple’s dancing like Latin, Ballroom and Country. Another thing I did was join a local hiking group through You can find hikes to join in on in every county in America. You get exercise and make new friends that can last a lifetime, giving you the emotional support you need.

#3 Attitude

Number three is attitude. This is actually the most important and least understood of actions required for excellent health. You must maintain your equilibrium by learning how to soothe yourself when you are feeling down. If you have decided to use insulin and self testing with needles, have a good attitude about it. Say to yourself how grateful you are for this program as you use it.

But understand that Big Pharma insulin is mainly a temporary solution. It has not turned out to be a long life program. Western medicine may have led us to believe that it was. Just look up statistics for how long it is effective for and how long people have lived using it. Complications do set in very often. Therefore, you should eventually work up the inspiration to look into alternative methods of actually curing diabetes. One of the cornerstones of my healing practice are the Teachings of Abraham. There are countless videos on YouTube to peruse on the subject of healing yourself with your thoughts and your attitude. I can help you with this work by using hypnotherapy to support what you learn there. Go to YouTube and search: Abraham-Hicks Diabetes.

How I Can Help

My job as a wellness practitioner is to support whatever health regime you have decided upon. Whether or not you use Western medicine I can support you with energy healing. I am a certified Reconnective Healing practitioner. This work reconnects you with the God force inside of you, creating harmony, balance and peace. Harmony, balance and peace are the cornerstones of good health. Reconnective Healing also gives you the subconscious information and inspiration needed to create the energy to heal yourself. It inspires you to connect to the people, places and things needed for your personal unique healing.

I am a master certified hypnotherapist here on earth to serve you and your health needs. I can support you with hypnotherapy as it is not easy to follow a new health regime when it requires you to change lifelong habits. This can easily be handled with hypnotherapy because it reprograms the unconscious mind to accept new behavior. The conscious mind puts up resistance to change in any form. This is how people easily forget their medications. This is how people get depressed when they are ill, because they don’t want to change their habits and behavior.

People want life to be simple and easy. Therefore many don’t want to take the time that dis-ease requires one to take such as going to doctors, taking the medication, changing the lifestyle, etc. I don’t blame them! It’s not fun. The danger can be the attention people get by having a disease. If they are constantly talking about it and getting attention and pity from others because of their disease, they can actually create resistance to getting better because they have created a benefit. The disease has taken over their life in every way. It becomes their life! Don’t let this happen to you.