Contact and Hours

Contact Reverend Kathleen Shannon:


Phone: 1-949-422-4092, call or text.

To Book a Session yourself from this website:

You can see all session types, timing and availability before you book. You do not need a password. You do not need to sign up for anything. It’s super quick and easy. You will receive an emailed confirmation.

SOUL SPA HOURS, IN PERSON SESSIONS: Every Day, 7 days a week: 11am to 8pm. You may book your own appointment on this website yourself or request an appointment directly from Reverend Kathleen Shannon by calling, emailing or texting her. Last minute calls are welcome! Serving in Orange County, California from two locations, Laguna Hills and Laguna Niguel. Free consultations are available on the spot if she is free when you call. If you get the ministry voice mail, please leave a message. Call Reverend Kathleen directly at 1-949-422-4092. You may also text her at this same number.

HOURS FOR ONLINE SESSIONS at Every Day, 7 days a week: 10:30am to 11:30pm, make your appointment at after connecting to Kathleen Shannon’s profile directly, here: and signing up. You must have  a device with a camera lens for these live video sessions. Free consultations are available there. It’s best to contact me directly at 1-949-422-4092 for help navigating their website if needed. You will have to pay in advance with a credit card to have a paid session. The free consultation is free for 10 minutes and you can easily book a session just afterwards. Access her profile here: or here:

You can also have a private video chat, online session, directly with Kathleen Shannon on Skype or WhatsApp or They all work well, and she will take suggestions if you have another preferred method to connect online. It’s also a smaller fee if you connect with Kathleen through video or telephone/cell phone call directly, not through It is actually not necessary for you to see her receive hypnotherapy or energy healing long distance together with Kathleen. Telephone, cell phone and video sessions are available: Every Day, 7 days a week: 10:30am to 11:30pm

Reverend Kathleen Shannon, MH