The Reverend Kathleen Shannon’s new website

Greetings my beloved clients, family and friends who have known me over the years from,, and I love these websites, but unfortunately they were built on iweb, which is no longer supported by Apple. I knew eventually I would need to learn new software, to keep up with technology. I will try to incorporate all the components of my other websites into this one new website, so finally I can let iweb go. This is a new beginning! Thank you for your patience and understanding, as the process could be a bit slow to manifest.

08/06/2019 Update: Google has now required all websites to have an SSL certification for security, so they will no longer allow us to look at websites with out this very expensive technology. So all my old websites, shown above, are now pointed at I transferred all the other websites pages here except for, which was a huge site, so please allow me the chance to bring this website up to date with my long time hypnotherapy practice! Thank you so much! Reverend Kathleen Shannon